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Today I feel more sure of myself.

“For a long time, I suffered from constant colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches, so I went to different doctors in my area, who detected a deviation of my septum. The only solution was an operation. The other issue that I had with my nose was that I was not satisfied with its appearance, so I knew that the operation would also change something so significant on my face. I found this website, I visited his page, I read his CV, I saw photos, etc., I called his office where they attended me carefully, I asked for an appointment, and I traveled to the capital. After two consultations and my pre-surgical exams, I was given an appointment for my operation on 05/11/10. The day before, Dr. called my cell phone to find out how I was feeling, if I was ready, and to tell me that everything would be fine. Something that surprised me a lot, because you feel important. I have to admit, and I was very nervous until that day. But it came. I traveled with my family, and I arrived on the same day as the operation. I really must thank the doctor for his professionalism and sincerity, since in previous consultations, my recurring question was if it hurt, to which he replied no. And it’s true, nothing at all, I only took the antibiotics prescribed by him and a painkiller one day that hardly hurt my head. After that, it’s just taking care of myself, I started to adapt to my “new nose,” and the rest of the people I think too, who already forgot what it was like before. I am very happy with the results, with the professionalism, the cordiality of his secretaries, and the attention. They made me feel very comfortable, “like home,” I did not suffer at all at any time, and I think I feel more confident about myself today. Thank you for making this experience so healthy!”