Lorena B, Chivilcoy

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Exceeded my expectations

”I had surgery a little over a year ago. In my case, in addition to breathing badly, I had a deviated septum, a hump, and a fallen tip. They practically made me a new nose. I had a lot of ghosts about it, but I was very confident in all the prior advice they gave me at the institute and the care I received from the surgical team. The operation was perfect. The worst was having to breathe through the mouth the first two days due to a stuffy nose. Except that I did not have any type of discomfort or pain, neither during nor after the operation. I got bruises that disappeared 90% a week and the rest before the month. The swelling lasted only a few weeks, although the last vestiges disappeared permanently after ten months. The result of the operation began to be noticed in the first week.