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It is the perfect nose for my face!

” My name is Lorena. I live in Santa Monica, for several years that I had been having problems with my breathing. I went to a consultation with him, and she could see that I had a deviated septum, and that was what prevented me from breathing through my nose normally. He recommended that I have surgery since he also had a nose that was too big and ugly. I had surgery in April 2009. During the postoperative period, I had a little discomfort during the first four days since a little blood came out, and my nose was covered, but it didn’t hurt. In terms of aesthetics, it was perfect; nobody realized that I had undergone surgery; it was very natural; it is the perfect nose for my face. I’m very happy. When it comes to the functionality of the nose, I breathe of wonders. What I most rescue as experience is the professionalism with which everything was done, dedication, judgment.”