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My nose and chin operated

”After an investigation and search for specialists, I had a query in

May 2011. Luis took a series of photos (from the front and the profiles), in order to use them in simulation and to be able to observe the result of a future operation. With the simulated photos, I have explained the intervention that I would do and what could be modified and, in turn, what could not be done. The final objective was to show me how my face would be after rhinoplasty, so as not to generate false expectations and “speak the same language.” In my particular case, it was suggested that in addition to rhinoplasty, I perform a slight chin implant, in order to achieve better visual results for the entire face. Before this operation, I had contacted via cell phone with Luis to finalize details, always observing the professional’s good disposition. Once the day has arrived, I arrived at the sanatorium at 9:00 AM, where the outpatient hospitalization and other administrative procedures were carried out. The surgery began at 10:30 AM. In this intervention, I applied general anesthesia, which caused me to go totally sleepy. About an hour and a half later, I woke up in my room, without any considerable pain, only expected discomfort after the surgery performed, transmitted in a sensation similar to having a bad cold. On the chin side, the implant was internal, so I had a few stitches below the gum, which fell off on their own after two weeks. The following week, I removed all the bandages, the stitches, and the “modeling plastic”, already observing the first results, being aware that it was necessary to wait at least three months to check the definitive results. In conclusion, the experience was very good. I am grateful for the work done, the attention was as expected, and the results are becoming visible as the weeks go by.”